Session 2019

The JJIF Session 2019 will be conducted at the

It will be held on 24 November 2019 in
Abu Dhabi/ United Arab Emirates. 

Place: Abu Dhabi, Mubadala Arena

Time: 10:00 h   (Registration and welcome 09:00h)

[First Invitation]

[Final Invitation]

Please note that the JJIF Forum is active and many proposals which will be decided by the Session have been discussed here.

Please do not miss to inform yourself and participate in the discussions.

Related Documents

{Download Proposals ZIP   [Part1]    [Part2]  }

[Annual Report Ethics Commission]

Proposals from JJNO:

[JJNO1 Referee Rules]- Withdrawn

[JJNO 2 Team Competition]- Approved

[JJNO 3 Competition Dressing]- Approved

[JJNO 4 Number of participants]- Rejected

Proposals from Technical Commission and Committees of Disciplines:

[TC 1.2.3 Age Categories]- Approved

[TC 1.4.1 Back numbers]- Approved

[TC 3.3.7 Video Review]- Approved

[TC 4.5 Seeding]- Approved

[TC 12_Rules_Duo_2020_draft]- Approved

[TC 13_Rules_Show_2020 draft]- Approved

[TC 11_Rules_Jiu-Jitsu_2020]- Approved

[Disqualification – place settlement]- Withdrawn

[Levels in Competition (Belts)]- After discussions, the amended proposal was formulated as follows:

*The proposal was the adoption of Levels in Competition (Belts) as presented wherein national teams are not participating.

*The Session adopted the amended proposal by a majority with one objection and one abstention.

[Competition Dressing (Gi requirements)]- The Session voted unanimously for the proposal as regards the Kimono sizes and details.

After discussions, the proposal as regards rashguards was amended.

 The following was approved by majority accordingly:
-That women could wear rashguards.
-That men shall have the option to wear rashguards; and
-That athletes should wear only white rashguards.

Additional documents Board decisions:

[Fair Play award]

[Financial Rules-draft]


[IOC statement Harassment and abuse]

[safeguarding toolkit IOC]





1.      Welcome by JJIF President

2.      Roll call

3.      Reports

4.      Financials

5.      Ratification of board decisions
Decisions 2018/2019
Fair Play award
Financial Rules


6.      Technical Proposals
TC 1.2.3 Age Categories
TC 1.4.1 Back numbers
TC 3.3.7 Video Review
TC 4.5 Seeding
TC 12_Rules_Duo_2020_draft
TC 13_Rules_Show_2020 draft
TC 11_Rules_Jiu-Jitsu_2020
Disqualification – place settlement
Levels in Competition (Belts)

Competition Dressing (Gi requirements)

JJNO1 Referee Rules
JJNO 2 Team Competition
JJNO 3 Competition Dressing
JJNO 4 Number of participants

Organizing and Sporting Code 2020

7.   Schedule 2020 / 2021

8.   Membership

The JJIF Representatives International Committee (JJRIC) meets once a year to conduct the JJIF Session.