JJIF Representatives International Committee (JJRIC)

The JJRIC is constituted so as to ensure compliance with IOC guidelines, giving more opportunity to all member nations, from all regions, to have fair and just representation in the decision making process of the JJIF.

The JJRIC comprises of elected Representatives of the JJIF Regions, elected from the Continental regions for tenure of office of TWO years as further described herein


The JJRAs shall comprise of JJNOs already affiliated with and recognized by the JJIF, which are countries of a specified geographical or common interest region within a continent.

12.1 The countries constituting each region shall be as per Bye-law Rule 10.0. They shall hold a General Regional Assembly of their members at least once in every two years, in accordance with the JJIF’s/JJCU’s statutes. They shall include on the agenda of their Assemblies the presentation of annual reports and audited financial statements and the election of Regional Representatives members of the JJRIC.

12.2 Elections to serve as JJIF Regional Representatives shall take place once every 2 years on a simple majority vote of the members present and voting;

12.3 Only Full Member JJNOs have right to nominate candidates emanating from Full Member JJNOs for the elections of JJIF Representatives of Regions.

12.4 All members (Full and Provisional) have the right to vote for the elections of JJIF Representatives of Regions.

12.5 Every Region shall be entitled to ONE Full Member Regional Representative for every 3 JJNO. If any remainder JJNO arises in that region, then that region shall be entitled to one additional Full Member Representative.


a. East Africa Region,

b. Middle Africa Region,

c. North Africa Region,

d. South African Region

e. West African Region.


a. East  Asia Region

  1. Dr. OH Jun Hyuk (KOR)
  2. NN
  3. NN

b. Central Asia Region

  1. Adayev Ata (TKM)
  2. NN
  3. NN

c. South-East Asia Region

  1. Hung Nguyen Manh (VIE)
  2. Stephen Kamphuis (PHI)

d. South  Asia Region

  1. Suresh Gopi (IND)
  2. NN

e. West Asian Region

  1. Dr. Mokhles Hassan Haidar Albu-Mohammed (IRQ)
  2. NN
  3. NN
  4. NN


a. East Europe Region

  1. Dana Mortelmans (ROM)
  2. Viktor Maliutenko (UKR)
  3. NN

b. Central Europe Region

  1. Michael Korn (GER)
  2. Mateusz Paczynski (POL)
  3. Csaba Ziegler (HUN)

c. North Europe Region

  1. Claus Tobiasen (DEN)
  2. NN
  3. NN

d. South Europe Region

  1. Anestis Poulikidis (GRE)
  2. Igor Lanzoni (ITA)
  3. Radoslav Jovcic (BIH)

e. West and South-West Europe Region

  1. Luc Mortelmans (BEL)
  2. Rick Frowyn (NED)


a. Australia, Melanesia and Micronesia Region

  1. Zaya Zaya (AUS)

b. New Zealand and Polynesia Region


a. Caribbean Region

b. North America Region

  1. Sarah Stanton (USA)

c. South America Region

d. Central America Region