"All athletes competing in JJIF international tournaments must comply with the WADA rules regarding anti-doping and a clean sport.

International-level athletes are the athletes ranked 1-10 in the JJIF Ranking list and all athletes participating in a Continental or World Championship.

JJIF automatically recognizes TUE's (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) granted by National Anti-Doping Organizations."

In accordance with the WADA rules and the JJIF regulations, the Athletes' Commission has elaborated an Athlete's Commitment document (see attachment), which includes the athlete's anti-doping commitment.


[Application form WORD]         [Application form PDF]

[Global drug reference - checking medication online]

TUE Committee will take the final decision regarding the specific cases of athletes suffering from illnesses/diseases and taking medication in order to treat their condition.

Dr. Paco Luis Gomez – director
Dr. Arnold Brons – member
Dr. Roland Schachler - member