Ju-Jitsu on the move - Session 2017

The second Session of JJIF gave more clear the policy and direction of Ju-Jitsu for the future.

For the preparation of this Session Claudia Behnke and Joachim Thumfart prepared a compendium of all the projects, discussions and proposals going on in JJIF.

Despite most information was available before this gave all delegates a better overview of the work in JJIF board and committees.

The principal of JJIF Session as the annual meeting of representatives of the regions becomes more and more clear. In this smaller group discussions shall be more effective and the importance of regional activities get supported.


The JJIF President, Mr. Panagiotis Theodoropoulos addressed the Session and welcomed all members present. Session was chaired by Mr Robert Perc, the JJIF Vice President with the assistance of and Mr. Suresh Gopi, Legal Adviser to the JJIF President.

JJIF President Panagiotis Theodoropoulos had appointed Luc Mortelmans as financial director of JJIF and many questions could be answered and the system of correct accounting and audit in JJIF improved .

Severine Nebie (FRA) and Faisal Al Kethbi (UAE) were warmly welcome as the elected athletes representatives and new board members in JJIF.

Decisions made were mainly regarding

  • Draw and Brackets
  • Duo System

and many items given into the committees and commissions of JJIF.

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Erstellt/GeƤndert:  30.11.2017